Kylie launches hot new video for Sexercize

In what can only be described as the hottest workout video ever, Kylie introduces her fans to the hot and steamy world of ‘Sexercize’.

Director Will Davidson, who also shot the viral video for ‘Skirt’, takes the viewer on a voyeuristic journey working out, sweating it up in the steam room and scenes that will no doubt see gym memberships soar.

If one video isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings for the world’s raunchiest workout, let your fingers do the walking from 6.30am (Sydney time) on Thursday, March 20 to where you will be treated to more exciting, fun and intriguing visual interpretations of the saucy song created by the likes of:

Will Davidson
Roman Coppola x Maserati
Mat Maitland x Jean Paul Gaultier
Gregoire Alexandre x LeSpecs
Reilly x Dolce & Gabbana
Hattie Stewart
and Kylie’s own personal content. is the creation of Chandelier Creative, a New York City based creative agency City founded by Richard Christiansen.

Come on baby, feel the burn while listening to ‘Sexercize’ on Kylie’s latest album, ‘Kiss Me Once’ – out now!

We couldn’t think of a more pleasurable way to burn calories!