Get on board with Ryan Hamilton’s new solo album

Flecking favourite, Mr Ryan Hamilton, is working on new solo material.

We couldn’t be more excited to hear the news that Ryan is working on new music, because we’ve loved everything he has released to date. Smile Smile were fantastic, and his super-group with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick is seriously awesome, but there’s something so genuine and cool about Ryan’s solo stuff – we can’t wait for more.

If, like us, you’re getting giddy for the new tunes, then you can help things along via the brilliant

‘By preordering the album you’ll receive a digital download of it as soon as it’s ready,’ Ryan writes on his page. ‘You’ll have the chance to get all of my exclusive updates and videos about what I’m doing in the studio, how things are progressing and what’s next in the process for the album. You’ll also have the chance to get involved in some very exclusive merchandise and interactive experiences that I’ve never made available (or done) before — this is going to be a blast!’

Ryan is also showing his philanthropic side, by donating a portion of pledged money to a charity close to his heart – the SPCA of Texas.

Click here to get involved and pre-order your copy now, and don’t forget,  you can catch Ryan on tour in the UK with People On Vacation later this year.