Apple Music officially launches on Facebook Messenger

Today Apple Music is officially launching on Messenger, allowing people to discover, listen, and share their favourite tunes with friends and family, all within the app.

Whether you want to interact with the Apple Music bot one on one, or share songs with friends, the Apple Music bot offers fun ways to browse for music. Simply send an emoji of your choice and it will suggest the perfect playlist to suit your mood.

Here’s how it works:
· In a group or one-on-one conversation, you can tap the plus (+) icon to add the Apple Music ‘chat extension’ to the conversation. From there, you can share songs with friends
· To interact with the bot on your own, simply search ‘Apple Music’ from your home screen in Messenger and from there, you can discover new artists and music genres quickly and easily
· Those who are ready to sign up to Apple Music can now do so right within Messenger, which will allow them to share and listen to full tracks. Those without a subscription will still be able to share and listen to the 30-second sound bites

To get started, click here.