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Is Justin Bieber dating Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke?

Rumour has it Justin Bieber is dating Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, and yes, that is just one person. Apparently Justin (who recently split from Selena Gomez) and the 17-year-old singer are an item, and her friends reckon it will be a good career move for her.

8 songs we want People On Vacation to cover

We’re currently obsessed with People On Vacation – everything from their music to the hilarious ‘Actual Conversations’ they share on YouTube. The thing we’re probably enjoying the most at the moment is their covers of pop songs. Jaret Reddick and Ryan Hamilton take tracks that we never realised we liked and with their awesome talents and unique voices they turn...

Pasta & milk made Justin Bieber throw up on stage?

Were you wondering why Justin Bieber chucked his guts up on stage? Of course you were. This is 2012, we want to know everything about everyone. Poor J-Biebs was performing in Glendale, Arizona when he had to stop singing, turn away from the audience and vomit.