Lost finale to be broadcast simultaneously in UK & US

On Monday 24 May, after six monumental seasons and 121 captivating episodes, the series that has provoked more theories, debates and analysis than any other, will reach its final hours on Sky 1 HD and Sky 1.
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Evangeline Lilly thinks living in Hawaii is a “struggle”

Dear Evangeline Lilly, you’re kind of starting to annoy us now. First you’re unimpressed with fame, and now you’re bitching about living in Hawaii while being paid a fortune to act a bit and spend your days kissing the likes of Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway. Evangeline has been quotes as saying ‘It’s definitely a […]

Fame is Lost on Evangeline Lilly

Lost actress Evangeline Lilly has told how she isn’t really interested in fame and how acting wasn’t something she’d always wanted to do. ‘I stumbled into this job on a whim,’ says Evangeline. ‘It was completely by accident because I’m an intensely private person. I’m much too private to deal with being a public figure. […]

Oh Brother!

Desmond may be Daniel Faraday’s constant for time travel, but a Lost crewmember claims he was just a constant pain in the butt. A former ABC Entertainment employee filed a harassment and sexual battery claim against Henry Ian Cusick Friday, claiming the Scottish actor groped her and made inappropriate sounds and gestures around her in […]

Enter 77

A producer, Anthony Spinner, claims that he wrote Lost in 1977 and is suing ABC and Touchstone Television. Spinner, who claims he was given $30,000 to write a TV pilot in 1977, says that the show turned the show down in 1977, 1991 and 1994 before creating a similar program in 2004 which Touchstone Television.The […]

Lost Without It!

Spoilers Alert! Don’t read on if you’re yet to watch the amazing Season 5 finale of Lost! Those of you who did watch the end of season episodes will know exactly what I mean when I say it was amazing, and for once I’m not Lost! The plot is really coming together now.Oh, and who […]

Sky buys drama from Lost creator

Fringe, a new US drama from the creator of Lost and Alias, has been bought by Sky One. Science fiction series Fringe, by JJ Abrams, stars Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson (hubba hubba), John Noble from Lord of The Rings, Lost’s Lance Reddick and Australian actress Anna Torv. The story begins when an international flight […]

LOST, The Game

  Here at Flecking we all love LOST, and we love games too, so what do you get if you combine the two? LOST Via Domus! Trust me, this game is great although I have no idea what the name means… Hmmm… I’ll Google it later. Now I’m not gonna lie, I have not finished […]