Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson continue to live together despite split

Charlotte Church arrives at a TV studio in London looking summery in a cream crochet dress and cowboy boots

The pair will live under the same roof for the sake of the kids.

Both Charlotte and Gavin have decided that it’s better for them to stay in their £1.2 million home and for the kids to have a stable environment than to move out.

A friend of the couple said, “It’s unexpected but it’s what works best for them. They’re getting on better than they have in some time.”

The couple announced their split just the other week, after only being engaged for six weeks. Apparently it was the engagement to Gavin that made Charlotte realise that it was just “papering over the cracks” of their relationship.

The friend revealed, “She was thrilled on the day, but it only papered over the cracks. She realised it was for life and she didn’t want it any more.”

It also seemed as though the couple were heading in different directions. Gavin had just had his injury and so was going out more, and Charlotte wanted to get back into the limelight. Which we must say, she did pretty well. She dropped 4 stone, and appeared on BBC1’s Over The Rainbow!

The source spoke of how the boozy nights upset Charlotte, “She struggled to adjust because he would go out on the town or occasionally go on the lash all night. It made her furious.

“Gavin was sick of the limelight but Charlotte wanted to be back in it.”

Although Gavin was out with his friends having fun, it seemed he didn’t want Charlotte out enjoying the fun either. The source said, “Charlotte was feeling great about herself and wanted to enjoy it but Gavin hated the photos of her out drunk.”

One rule for Gavin, and another for Church!

The couple are currently both on holiday in the Mediterranean seperately. A spokesman for the couple said: “They have confirmed their separation and stress no third party was involved. They intend to work together to ensure there is little disruption to the children.”