Charlie Simpson discusses Busted reunion (and it’s bad news)

Charlie Simpson has spoke about the possibility of a Busted reunion – it’s not looking good.

Speaking ahead of the release of his solo album Young Pilgrim, Charlie told the Daily Mail, “I read that I was going to be part of a Busted reunion, but that won’t happen in a million years.

“The other two might do something, but I’m not involved. If you talk to any of my friends, they’ll tell you that Fightstar wasn’t an unusual move for me. The strange thing was that I was a member of Busted in the first place.”

He continued about Busted, “That was something I fell into. One of my teachers found an advert for a band who were looking for a guitarist. I’d just turned 16 and wasn’t happy at school, so I decided to give it a go. It was poppier than the kind of stuff I was into, but I got to play guitar and do gigs.

“It wasn’t difficult to leave, as I knew I was doing the right thing. People were telling me that the best was yet to come for Busted. They even tried talking to my parents. But my family supported me all the way. They wanted me to be happy.”

When we spoke to one of the “other two” (James Bourne), he told us that Charlie was not only uninterested in reforming Busted, but he didn’t want Matt Willis and James to do it without him either.

“Matt actually asked Charlie if he would mind us using the name Busted without him,” James told us.

“He said no. We invited him back, knowing he wouldn’t be into it. He doesn’t want to come back, but he doesn’t want me and Matt to do it without him either.”