Olly Murs would “go into rehab” for Frankie Sandford

Olly Murs - Party in the Park, LeedsPhoto: James Genchi / Flecking Records

Is this a joke made a little too early? Olly Murs has joked that he would go into rehab if all the girls in there are as good looking as Frankie Sandford and Sarah Harding.

Both Sarah (Girls Aloud) and Frankie (The Saturdays) are allegedly seeking help at rehab facilities, something Olly sees as opening a new, untapped source of girls for him to use his charms on.

“I might want to go into rehab if Frankie and Sarah are in there.” he said, adding: “I don’t have any addictions or anything so don’t worry about me. I’m not sure my mum would be too happy.”

We’re sure Olly’s only joking though, but this joke might not go down well with everyone involved…