Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2013

1. Henry Cavill

And so, we bring you our sexiest male celebrity of 2013… Mr Henry Cavill. There’s something about Henry… every time we look at him, he seems to have become even more attractive. With his perfectly curled dark hair, his chiselled good looks, his super-buff body and his sexy English accent, we could watch videos of him for hours on end without growing tired of him. We first fell in love with Henry when he was in Immortals in 2011, when he played the (mainly shirtless) role of Theseus. Henry’s biggest flick yet will be coming out this year when he takes on Flecking’s number one crush of all time… Clark Kent/Superman. Yep, playing the Man of Steel will be a man who looks like he is made of steel. We can’t think of anyone else we’d rather see wearing a tight-fitting costume and their underpants on the outside. Congratulations, Henry.