Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2013

16. Max Beesley

Dear Max Beesley, last year we placed you at number seventeen on our Sexy List – that means we thought you were the seventeenth sexiest man in the entire world, and, going by the list alone, you are sexier than the likes of Robert Pattinson and Harry Judd from McFly. We actually found it adorable that you tweeted us saying “what’s a 40-year-old got to do?” to get higher on our list, and if it’s possible we fancy you even more now. Love Flecking x.
We still reckon the Mad Dogs actor is one of the fittest men on the planet, and so we have bumped him one place up the list to show that we care. A fantastic actor and a talented musician, we can’t imagine writing this list again without including Max. Our example clip sees a slightly unromantic, but almost entirely naked, Charlie Edwards in Hotel Babylon – you’re welcome.