Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities 2013

17. Nick Wechsler

If we’re being honest, we have a crush on all four of the main fellas in hit TV show Revenge, but it’s Nick Wechsler who has the edge on his co-stars, securing him the number seventeen spot. In Revenge, Nick plays Jack Porter – probably the most perfect man in the world. Not only does Jack have a boat (named after his childhood sweetheart – aww) and a bar (hello cocktails) but he’s ridiculously handsome, with lovely hair, a gorgeous smile and he always looks out for those around him. One again, we can just about grasp that characters in TV shows are not real people, but Nick comes across as a really nice guy in real life too. He’s also a perfect example of someone who has grown up well – remember when he played Kevin “Trek” Sanders in Team Knight Rider? Us neither, but he looked a bit like a girl.