The Fringe Five – Ro Campbell

He’s supported Kevin Bridges on tour in Australia but it’s now time for comedian Ro Campbell to take centre stage at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh.

Ahead of his run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,  we caught up with Ro as part of our new Fringe Five series…

Can you tell us a bit about your show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015?

I’m doing a confessional show where the audience decide whether I’m going to Hell.

Why did you decide to bring Exercise Ze Demon to the Fringe?

I was having a mental breakdown at Adelaide Fringe when registrations opened and the thought that I could have an even bigger mental breakdown appealed to me!

Why should people come and see it, when there’s hundreds of other shows on at the same time?

Good point *cocks gun, blows head off*… I am pretty funny, though!

Over the years, what has been your best Fringe memory?

There are so many – it’s a shame I can’t remember them!

Seeing Doug Stanhope piss on the bonnet of a cop car after our party got raided was pretty good – or Phil Kay being chucked out of the artists bar for being naked and then coming back and storming the door with 12 more naked people he had recruited. That was funny. Or the time a comedian head-butted a heckler – that was pretty surreal.

There have been a lot of crazy things go down in the 13 years I’ve been coming!

Can you recommend one other show on the programme for our readers?

Go and see Seymour Mace at The Stand – he is very funny and gave me good advice about the Fringe: “We’re not here to make money, we’re here to not have fun”.  

Ro Campbell: Exercise Ze Demon runs at The Stand Comedy Club 2 (North St Andrew Street) at 10:40pm from 10th – 30th August (no show on 17th). Tickets cost £8 (£7 for concessions).