Review: Coldplay – Kaleidoscope EP

Despite previously announcing their intentions to halt production on new music, Coldplay have dropped an EP which brings something a little different to the table.

Chris Martin and co have moved away from their usual brand of pop to bring fans a foray into new territory, with more seemingly unlikely collaborations that somehow just work.

The five-track EP includes a collaboration with Big Sean on ‘Miracles (Someone Special)’ as well as a version of their hit collaboration with the Chainsmokers ‘Something Just Like This’ recorded live in Japan. Classic Coldplay comes in the form of the opening track, ‘All I Can Think About Is You’.

Despite being dubbed a ‘Tokoyo remix’, ‘Something Just Like This’ is little more than a live recording with iffy audio quality that makes it seem not only unnecessary, but a little out of place on this EP.

For fans the EP boasts not only usual high-standard, easy hits that will keep them going between albums, but by dipping their toe into unchartered waters, the EP could perhaps see a few Coldplay converts giving Kaleidoscope a spin.