Left 4 Dead 2 Outbreak Hits London!

On Thursday night, The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, was infiltrated by the undead and transformed into The Severed Arms Pub by Left 4 Dead 2, for one weekend only. Zombiefied Hollyoaks barmaid, Jennifer Metcalfe joined the congregated ‘Zombands’ including The Priscilla’s, Disco Bloodbath, The Vinyl Stitches and Ben UFO to celebrate the launch of the […]

The Scruffs

The Scruffs need your help to save their beloved family home from being sold! Grandpa Scruff has a solution – a scavenger hunt to recover his valuable artifacts. But in a surprising twist, Grandpa Scruff reveals that he’s been hiding something else – a shocking family secret! Help the Scruffs uncover the secret that will […]

Apartment Life Review (Part 3) – Teeth, Helicopters, Butlers, Skipping and a little bit of Magic

Welcome to the final part of the review! Yes, so by now, you probably all know that Apartment Life is amazing, but we thought we show you just a little bit more… No, you’re not crazy, that Sim really is brushing his teeth, God, this Expansion Pack really does add everything dosen’t it? OK, so […]

Apartment Life Review (Part 2) – Magic and Witchcraft

Oh yes! It’s back, many, many simmers wanted a Makin’ Magic re-make, and that’s what they got…Kind of…Rather than have a completely magic based pack (which, to be honest, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea) they given us the next best thing, an apartment based pack with magic, so, we are going you a quick […]

Apartment Life Review (Part 1) – Apartment Life

Here’s the first part of our Apartment Life review, to start off we’re going to be looking at the actual Apartment Life aspect. You can have 4 families of 8 per apartment block, only being able to control one family at a time.However you can knock on your neighbors door and be invited in, and […]

Guitar Hero DS

    We never understood the fascination with Guitar Hero, but now it’s out on DS we’re loving it. Guitar Hero On Tour comes packaged with a revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral that fits snugly into the DS and a unique Guitar Hero pick-stylus that brings a new dimension to handheld gaming. The core […]

LOST, The Game

  Here at Flecking we all love LOST, and we love games too, so what do you get if you combine the two? LOST Via Domus! Trust me, this game is great although I have no idea what the name means… Hmmm… I’ll Google it later. Now I’m not gonna lie, I have not finished […]

Touching, isn’t it?

New DS release, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword may sound like the kind of game you’d stay well away from, but don’t judge a game by it’s cover, or it’s name, or even it’s description, judge it on it’s actual game play, and everyone knows Ubi Soft always make decent games (like the LOST game…). So […]