Ten men who look even hotter in 3D

10. Jon Bon Jovi – What Do You Got?

What do you got, if you ain’t got love? Wise words indeed Mr Bon Jovi. I feel a similar way about a life without Jon Bon Jovi in it – what would be the point?
At 50 years of age, Jon is very much the daddy of our list, but the best thing about the rocker is that he only gets hotter (and looks less like a very pretty lady) as he gets older.
In what is basically one big advert for Sony, Jon makes all the right shapes for a 3D music video. And much to our delight, the video is available ready to stream on demand on our Sony blu-ray player, so we can listen to the cracking tune and reach and try and grab his hand on a daily basis. Nice move, Sony.