Ten men who look even hotter in 3D

5. Leonardo DiCaprio – Titanic

When I saw Titanic the first time around (when I was 11-years-old, and it was totally rated 12) my Leonardo DiCaprio crush hadn’t kicked in yet. It wasn’t until The Beach was released in 2000 that I realised just how cute Mr DiCaprio was – something I put down to the fact that he was shirtless for most of the movie. Fortunately I wasn’t in the habit of compiling lists of sexy men for the internet when I was 11. Imagine how delighted I was to learn that I was going to get another chance to include a young Leo on one of our epic sexy lists, due to Titanic being converted into 3D and re-released to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the ill-fated ship.
We loved Leo then, we love Leo now and we even love Leo made-up to look like and old guy in recent flick J. Edgar. Issues? We got ’em.