Ten men who look even hotter in 3D

7. Chad Donella – Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

When it comes to the Saw films (with the exception of Donnie Wahlberg – we love The Wahlbergs) our sick-flick pin-up has always been Costas Mandylor who plays bad boy cop, and successor of the Jigsaw Killer, Mark Hoffman. But then Saw 3D: The Final Chapter landed and we were presented with a new hot cop – Det. Matt Gibson played by Chad Donella. Don’t get us wrong, Hoffman can put us in a reverse bear trap any day (if y’know what we mean) but there’s something about Mr Donella that makes us wanna commit a crime, just so he’ll slap a pair of handcuffs on us.
We don’t really need to sit here making police/sex puns all day, do we? You get it, he’s hot.

Warning: The clip below, while in glorious 3D, is pretty gory. Not for the faint-hearted.