Ten men who look even hotter in 3D

6. Nicholas D’Agosto – Final Destination 5

Our number six is a man with a name as beautiful as his face: Nicholas D’Agosto.
We all know how Final Destination flicks work, a group of people cheat death after one of them has a premonition and then they die one by one. In Final Destination 5, it’s Nicholas who has that premonition.
It’s a film that didn’t really grab my attention – I spent most of it trying to work out when to close and open my eyes to avoid the yucky bits/gaze lovingly at Nicholas – but the ending… wow! If the FD series ends on this high, and with Nic’s face fresh in our minds, then we’re happy Fleckers.

The clip below is actually in Russian, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the 3D.