Tommy Lee angers fans with Twitter rant

Tommy Lee has angered fans with a tweet about cameras…

“i really miss the days when people didn’t have fucking cameras in there cell phones,” he posted. “sick of taking pics with randoms just cause its there! [sic]”

Fans and followers began responding with the attitude they seemed to be receiving from Tommy. There was a woman who replied to his tweet saying, “you are where you are because of your fans and you owe us a picture”. Tommy Lee was quick to reply with, “I got myself here by hard work, determination and luck! Move along honey, I owe you nothing, other than killer music!” (With a few colorful words added in.)

Several others replied with the same attitude and I myself thought twice about removing him from my feed, but then realised that’s just Tommy Lee.

Needless to say, it has exploded and days later, the entire conversation that day is not to be found on the original tweet. Other tweets came still with anger attached. Later that same day Tommy Lee issued this tweet through Twitlonger, which you can read here.

As a writer, I do understand and want to respect the privacy of an artist, entertainer. I try to stay away from them unless invited or an appointment has been made. Sometimes, you just get caught up in the moment. What do you think?

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