A Pony Tale

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus! You had the chance to win us over (slightly) and you blew it! After stripping them of their prize fund, Big Brother gave Marcus the chance to win back £14,000 of it – all he had to do was cut off his pony tail! Bad news people, his response: “Fuck off” and […]

Byebye Bunny Rabbit!

Big Brother contestant Noirin Kelly has become the latest housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The 25-year-old from Dublin left to a chorus of boos after a messing with a few too many of the male housemates. “I was expecting boos from all the drama that’s been happening over the last two […]

Big Lover

Big Brother Housemates Noirin and Siavash have become the latest in the house to get up close and personal – sharing a brief illicit ‘kiss’ between the covers as other housemates slept. Earlier, Siavash had ranted to Noirin, Dogface, Tom and Rodrigo, “I am the winner of this show. “I came in to get something, […]

Nikki’s back!

As we reported the other day, Nikki Grahame went back into the house today for a task with Karly. They both took part in a silent disco task, but Nikki didn’t keeo her mouth shut. She went on to tell Karly some truths about her housemates. “I can’t stand Marcus, he’s so pervy” she said. […]

Jacko’s Dead

If you’re a Big Brother fan you’ll know that this week ex-BB housemates from previous years are entering the house to help with the tasks. BB housemates don’t usually find anything out about the outside world but fittie Federico let slip to Noirin that Michael Jackson had passed away. Click here to watch the video.

Bye Bye Kris

Kris Donnelly has been evicted from the Big Brother house, to the surprise of fellow contestants. Donnelly, 24, from Shrewsbury, lost the public vote involving four other housemates. As he walked out, he was greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd waiting outside the house. We liked Kris… we weren’t too […]

Who’ll be going this Friday?!

Nominations are out… and there’s not just 2 up but 5 housemates this week! As we reported yesterday, Charlie had been put up for nomination after he failed to complete his act of silence that Big Brother had given up for talking about nominations. They seem to have done the same to Kris and Dogface […]


A mystery is unfolding in the Big Brother House. Charlie was the first to nominate this afternoon, and when he came out of the Diary Room he wouldn’t say a word, not a sound came from his lips, totally schtum. No amount of cajoling got an explanation out of him, and the housemates were barely […]

Big Bother

Saffia Corden has become the first housemate to walk out of the Big Brother house. We don’t know why but we’re sure we’ll get to see exactly what went down on Friday’s show. Speaking of Friday’s show I think I want Sophia to go, although Halfwit (indeed) bloody annoys me. Saffia’s walk-out will not affect […]