Fightstar Interview

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when our interview with Fightstar came along. Sitting down in their dressing room, Dan and Alex pulled up chairs, and within 5 minutes of the dicataphone being on, Dan had already burped, Omar came strolling in, and we were told that Charlie was stuck in traffic! Already it was eventful. Here is what happened when Flecking met Fightstar…
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Poor Rihanna

After she made some brief comments about the assault the other week, Rihanna has finally spoken out for good on ‘Good Morning America’ today. It’s terribly sad, and she talks about how upset she was when everyone had found out. She told Diane Sawyer that she feels “embarrassed” to have ever fallen in love with […]

We ♥ Hill Valley High

We spent the weekend in Manchester and we interviewed the lovely Hill Valley High. What a wicked bunch of lads, we literally laughed from start to finish! Personal highlights include playing Mr & Mrs and the fact we managed to fit all 8 of us in the hotel bathroom – that doesn’t sound so bad […]


We don’t want to bombard you with Matt & Emma interviews but we thought it was worth a mention that they got the cover of Celeb (the magazine you get free with the Sunday Mirror). It’s quite typical, with lots of questions about Matt’s “drinking problem” and I’m A Celeb… so nothing much that’s new […]

“Matt does a willy dance…”

If you haven’t gone out to the shops today and bought the latest issue of Heat magazine, then I suggest you do. There’s a brilliant interview with Mr and Mrs Willis, and aside from all the general chit chat, it’s actually hilarious. They are extremely open and talk about Matt’s “willy dance”. Intrigued? You should […]