Nick Thomas – The Spill Canvas Interview

A bright sunny day in Toronto Canada, and what better way to spend our time than by going to see The Spill Canvas on their headline tour at The Opera House. The band originally began with lead singer Nick Thomas who set out to entice the world as a solo project, which then evolved into a band. But being a musician isn’t always as easy as it seems. We caught up with Nick to discuss if he ever gets tired of being in the band, his battle with drug addiction, and what the future holds for The Spill Canvas.
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Shaant Timothy – Cute Is What We Aim For Interview

“Drama doesn’t follow me, it rides on my back” – Does this remind anyone else of the days when we had no worries in the world, and listening to good music was our number one priority in life? Cute Is What We Aim For have been around for as long as I can remember, and despite the numerous band line-up changes, and having been in hibernation for over a year, they still to this day initiate the same reaction they did all those years ago. Although now technically a solo project for frontman Shaant Timothy, he is still able to deliver the classic precious hits such as “Moan”, “There’s a Class For This” and the legendary “Curse of Curves” with as much passion as the band instigated when they first came about. We were able to chat with Shaant at the MOD Club in Toronto to find out what happened to the rest of the band, why he has been hiding for the past year and what is next for Cute Is What We Aim For!
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All Time Low Interview

Being Flecking Records favourites, it was only natural we caught up with All Time Low as they hit the roads of America and Canada on the Bamboozle Roadshow 2010. We met up with Rian Dawson and Jack Barakat, and a surprise guest (Alex Gaskarth) gatecrashed the interview in Toronto, Canada.
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Jason Nott – Drive A Interview

"We have parties on our tour bus all the time"

Ever since I was a kid, mainstream music has had its fair share of genre popularity adjustments. From soulful R’n’B to hardcore punk rock, to angry screamo and even jazzy blues. However, one genre which seems to be almost always forgotten in this day and age is that of classic rock n’ roll! One band determined not to let that happen is Drive A. Hailing from the sunny land of Los Angeles, these guys are on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive – and after seeing them perform in Canada, its safe to say they are definitely bringing “old-school” rock back in style.
We caught up with band member Jason Nott, at the Bamboozle Roadshow in Toronto!
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Fyfe Dangerfield Interview

"There’s good music everywhere. People knock it, but it's mainstream for a reason."

Guillemots have played the likes of Hyde Park, Koko and many other prestigious venues in the UK. Now, lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield is on a mission of his own to make his mark on the music world as a solo artist. Having just released his debut album “Fly Yellow Moon” and grabbing the opportunity to have his new single “She’s Always A Woman” featured in the latest John Lewis advert, it seems he is already well on his way.
We caught up with Fyfe at his one off show in Toronto, Canada.
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Spotted: Dougie Poynter & Frankie Sandford at a gig

Frankie Sandford and boyfriend Dougie Poynter leave Una Healy's birthday partyUs Fleckers bumping into McFly on nights out is becoming a regular occurrence, in fact we’re beginning to think that Dougie Poynter might be following us. We bumped into Dougie and girlfriend Frankie Sandford last night, and the night before, at gigs.
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Enter 77

A producer, Anthony Spinner, claims that he wrote Lost in 1977 and is suing ABC and Touchstone Television. Spinner, who claims he was given $30,000 to write a TV pilot in 1977, says that the show turned the show down in 1977, 1991 and 1994 before creating a similar program in 2004 which Touchstone Television.The […]

T4 to return!

THE biggest beach bash of the year is set to return to Weston-super-Mare in 2009. After months of anxiously waiting, online petitions and the rumour mill going wild the organisers behind T4 On The Beach have revealed the event will return to the south west coastline once more. The Weston & Somerset Mercury started a […]

Shalhoub Confirms The End Of “Monk”

The long running TV show Monk, in which Tony Shalhoub plays a detective with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), will end after it’s eighth season. Due to Shalhoub wanting to move on in his acting and producing careers the show will finish after 8 years. Shalhoub said “It’s a great job, and I work with great […]