Jedward to work with Calvin Harris?!

Children's Champions 2010 - ArrivalsIt’s been six months since Calvin Harris made a surprise appearance along side X Factor  twins  John and Edward during one of their Live X Factor performances. Today the thrilling news that they may appear together again hits the headlines as Jedward reveal they want him to work on their upcoming album!

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Calvin Harris… “too dancey?”

The giant dance man has once again taken to Twitter to get out his anger and rant a little. Only a little while ago, he wrote, “Fu*k GMTV!” which obvioulsy led to people curious as to why he would say this. As we carried on reading his Tweets, we understood why… “GMTV won’t let me […]

T4 On The Beach fashion!

Some Fleckers were down by the beach this weekend, and spotted some interesting outfits. The audience themselves were full of surprises. Neon, painted t-shirts and wellies seemed to be the theme. Shorts were worn by about 99% of the people there even though it was chucking it down and extremely muddy inside! The performers that […]

Jamming At Wireless

Jam Jam Jam, it’s all we seem to write on here these days, thank you Pocket TV. Four episodes of Calvin Harris’ Jam TV down the line, we’ve finally got the full video – Jamming At Wireless. We get it, shame Calvin didn’t…* *Although we actually love Jam TV, especially the one with Katy Perry!

Jam Calvin?

After we reported the other day about Calvin Harris getting annoyed about someone asking him to open a pot of jam at Wireless festival last weekend, we found something rather interesting on YouTube. We’re not saying that these are the people that made him this angry, but surely the title gives it away? Watch it […]


He may get all the girls, but he doesn’t get all the jokes. Calvin Harris has clearly missed the point of Twitter, going a little over the 140 character limit, posting a rant about when he filmed with Pocket TV. The PTV interview isn’t online yet, but I’m sure you can get an idea of […]

McFly For Number One?

We hear that McFly are heading towards their 8th number 1 this week!“One For The Radio” is said to be 5,000 copies ahead of Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris’s “Dance Wiv Me” (according to the Music Week website).But don’t become complacent McFly fans! We want to make sure the lovely Tom, Danny, Dougie & Harry […]